Which Came First?

October 10, 2005... Sorry for having neglected you for so long, dear reader(s), but I’ve spent the last few days preparing for and making the move back across the continent, from Brutish Columbia to Canada.

Hey! Let’s celebrate by playing a fun game I like to call Which Came First? Here’s how it works: I post two similar files (mp3s, jpgs or whatever) or list two similar works of art; then I ask you to guess which one was created first.

Here’s the first pair of similar works of art:

Green Acres or The Beverley Hillbillies. Which Came First?

If you guessed that The Beverley Hillbillies came first, you are 100% right, sir! In fact, The Beverley Hillbillies is such an old "work of art" that some episodes were filmed before the invention of colours!

As for how these two works of art are similar… Why, both are fish-out-of-water stories, of course! In The Beverley Hillbillies, the protagonists are simple country folk bewildered by their sudden immersion in an urban milieu. In Green Acres, the protagonists are urbanites bewildered by their sudden immersion in a rural milieu.

Interestingly, both works of art were created during the 1960s. It’s almost as if one was trying to mine a vein struck by the other!

Okay, now that you have a feel for the game, let’s try the next pair:

Franz Ferdinand The Ex with Guests
The Franz Ferdinand cover artwork (left) and The Ex and Guests cover artwork (right)

Well, what do you think?

If you guessed yesterday’s men, the Franz Ferdinand, you are 100% wrong, sir! In fact, The Ex and Guests double seven-inch of improvised noodling was released in 1991, a full fourteen years before the Franz Ferdinand’s brand new LP. Unfortunately, this does not make it any more an enticing listen than the brand new Franz Ferdinand record. (It is comprised of improvised noodling, after all!)

T. Rex - Rip Off

What can I tell you about T. Rex that you don’t already know? Nothing! I know nothing about T. Rex! I own the same T. Rex album that everyone who knows nothing about T. Rex owns. Electric Warrior is a good album of lean, mostly-electric-guitar-driven tunes with silly, hippy-dippy lyrics, like these from today’s song:

“Mountings of the moon/Remind me of my spoon/It’s a rip-off/Such a rip-off”

Not “Mountains of the Moon,” mind you, but “mountings of the moon…” Sort of makes me wonder what Marc Bolan was using his spoon for. I sure hope it wasn’t for eating cake frosting directly from the tin. That would be self-destructive.

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